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Varsity Roster

Visit to see our Varsity roster.


Head Coach/OC

Chris Saunders -


Assistant Coaches

Josh Afungia

Trevor Bloom

Tyler Gil-Contreras

2021 Peninsula Athletic League Honors

League MVP - Matt MacLeod

Special Teams Player of the Year - Jalen Moss


First Team All-League Awards:

QB - Matt MacLeod

RB - Dane Fifita

WR - Jalen Moss

WR - Johnnie Barbie

OL - Mone Ngalu

DL - David Tangilanu 

LB - Sione Vaka

LB - Andrew Buck

DB - Jeremiah Earby

DB - Johno Price

San Jose Mercury News Honorees

Matt MacLeod - Co-Offensive Player of the Year, First Team QB 

Jalen Moss - First Team Receiver

Jeremiah Earby - First Team Defensive Back

Mone Ngalu - Second Team Offensive Line


Honorable Mention

Dane Fifita - Athlete 

Andrew Buck - Linebacker

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